Trying to analyze Russia: political scientist Ekaterina Schulmann explains how to properly understand the day-to-day life of a nuclear power and Putin’s desire to conquer the neighbor

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Ekaterina Schulmann is a political scientist and publicist. She has been explaining the inevitable political processes, laws, and underlying logic that guides the Russian government for years. She has a big fan base In Russia and some people see her as the next president of the country. But now it’s even theoretically impossible since Ekaterina got listed as a foreign agent, as were many others who spoke their thoughts about Russian politics.

Ekaterina, as probably every rational person, was certain that war wasn't going to happen — and made a mistake. We talked to her about how the Russian citizens are forced to leave the country, what the Kremlin is afraid of, what future awaits Russian science, and why both Russia and Ukraine are at war with Hitler.

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This podcast is produced by Paper Media — independent media from St Petersburg. Our website was blocked by the Russian government for reporting on the Russian-Ukrainian war, yet we continue telling the truth as independent journalists. 

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