“I ruined my career in Russia”. Russian musician Maxim Pokrovskiy tells about his anti-war songs, Russian show business and concerts in Crimea

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The band “Nogu Svelo!” was created in the 1980s and quickly became known throughout the crumbling Soviet Union. Soviet censorship fell apart and the authorities stopped pressuring artists and musicians. That was the time of hope for a better future. 

30 years later, the band’s concerts and music tours are getting canceled in Russia because the musicians don't support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In this episode musician Maxim Pokrovskiy tells why his band wasn’t allowed to perform in Ukraine, what are the destructive consequences of celebrities' silence about the war, and how music unites people. 

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This podcast is produced by Paper Media — independent St Petersburg media. Our site was blocked by the Russian government because of reporting on the Russian-Ukrainian war, but we continue telling the truth and engage in independent journalism. 

Songs mentioned in the episode:
«We don't need war».
«Russia, Go Home!».

Producer — Veronika Volkova
Editor-in-Chief — Svetlana Kiseleva
Music production & mix engineering, website & illustrations — Paper Media

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