A retired doctor against the political machine: fighting for freedom in rural Russia

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Alexander Pravdin is 73 years old. He lives in a small village near St. Petersburg. He used to work as a doctor in a psychiatric hospital, then he became an entrepreneur and settled in the village. He began to speak out against the arbitrariness of the Russian authorities and draw posters about it. Of course, the authorities did not like it and they took away Alexander's business. But he does not give up.

We asked Alexander why he believes that Russia has stolen the future from the whole world, how his generation treats the war and the USSR and whether Russia will be free.

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This podcast is produced by Paper Media — independent media from St. Petersburg. Our site was blocked by the Russian government because of reporting on the Russian-Ukrainian war, but we continue telling the truth and engaging in independent journalism. 

Voice actor — Erich Rausch

This is our first project for an international audience, and we are quite nervous about it. Please share your feedback with our team: [email protected]

About Alexander
Zeroing the Constitution of Russia
About Pravdin's detention
Mikhail Gorbachev
The collapse of the USSR
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